Safari 3.1 Part 1 – It’s growing on me

March 25, 2008 9:52 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Lately, I am becoming more and more a fan of Safari.

The Past

One of the reasons I never really used it in the past was because it was just a browser, and, as a developer, while testing in it was necessary, I would never actually use it while I was setting things up. Here are some more reasons I never used it:

  • I support Firefox for everything they have done to kill IE
  • Camino does the same stuff (and is getting better at it all the time)
  • Only one theme/skin
  • I really enjoy live bookmarks instead of RSS aggregators
  • Sometimes Javascript can be a pain (ever use tinyMCE?)
  • Web Developer toolbar
  • Firebug

The Present

But now that is changing.

  • Its fast
  • Safari now supports RSS feeds in the browser, still no live bookmarks, but its a start.
  • I’ve fallen in love with Aqua, and I don’t mind the look of Safari in Leopard (but I think some of the buttons are a little large and awkward).
  • Firefox is becoming a slow beast that is killing my browsing experience, but I’m really excited about 3.0. I have a whole other post brewing about what went wrong with Firefox.
  • Camino is still there, but for some reason, it just not exciting anymore.
  • Last but certainly not least… Safari has a Develop Menu in the Toolbar!!!!! Its not as advanced as Firebug (yet) but it gives an amazing amount of depth into how Safari renders everything, which is useful (and awesome!)

Stay tuned for more on the Develop Menu in Part 2…