Email Studio Project Design

My first large project at MobileCause. Partnering with Constant Contact, our goal was to provide customers a quick way to send targeted emails to their contacts. This would require contact list search, segmentation and pre-developed content covering our user’s common use cases.

The initial wireframes also incorporated multi-channel messages with email, text and social media posts that could allow for coordinated messaging. These were completed with Lucidchart and tested with the internal customer success team.

Information Architecture/User Flow

After testing and some collaboration with the digital marketing services team on content, we moved to design. UsingĀ this design, the team built a functional beta for testing.

We tested the beta with real use cases. Functionally, it performed well. Users were able to compose and send emails to their clients through our interface with Constant Contact delivering the emails. However, through user interviews, we determined that our compose step (the email editor) was insufficient. Users wanted more content control than we provided, finding it difficult to recreate buttons and layouts.

This was very useful feedback. Our focus had been on providing templated content with email templates coming later, but users wanted more freedom than we had provided and this soured their experience with the product.

After doing research and some testing of other products, the team settled on an open source email editor, GrapesJS. After a few design rounds we moved forward with thisĀ design.